Tuesday 15 February 2011

Fantastic sea monsters invade St. John's!

Well, I'm getting stoked. There is nothing I love better than a giant squid (with the possible exception of a cloned wooly mammoth). My new sea monster storytelling show "Here Be Monsters" is coming up quick, at The Rooms on February 27th.

The event is part of a travelling exhibit at The Rooms called "Fantastic Sea Monsters" running February 12 - June 19 on Level Two.

Here is what The Rooms website says about the exhibit:

Fantastic imaginary creatures? Amazing but real marine life? Either way, stories of ocean and lake monsters have fascinated us since the dawn of time. Seafarers were convinced that the oceans were the devil's kingdom, a place of terrifying monsters eager for shipwrecks, the home of sirens, krakens, whales, sea serpents, and giant sharks. Early naturalists were fascinated by the strange creatures of the deep. This bilingual exhibition will take you where the fantastic intertwines with reality.

The exhibition is produced by the Musée du Fjord, in partnership with The Rooms Provincial Museum Division, the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, and Océanopolis (France). I'm going to check it out this week, and will report back!

In the meantime, you can visit the exibit website at:

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bardelf said...

Sounds like a great show!