Wednesday 15 February 2012

Audience response to Brothers Grimm: 200 Years and Counting

Musician Delf Maria Hohmann and I just wrapped up a short tour of our two-man show “Brothers Grimm: 200 Years and Counting” at theatre venues in Peterborough and Perth, Ontario, and Wakefield Quebec. The show incorporated stories from the Brothers' fairy tale and legend collections, along with historical stories drawn from their lives, alongside contemporaneous folk music, and songs collected by the Brothers Grimm.

The tour was a success, with appreciative audiences in three very different venues: the just-renovated Market Hall Theatre in Peterborough; the Full Theatre Theatre in Perth (a former car wash); and, Cafe Molo in Wakefield.   

Audience comments:


Another thoughtful and well-crafted show.  Keep up the good work!

Excellent storytelling, fine music, good times

Absolutely wonderful! Wonderful history and colour.  Thank-you so much

Truly wonderful show. I really enjoyed it

Great show! The musical addition is always a pleasure, look forward to seeing more.
A fascinating blend of history story and music. Absolutely mesmerizing

Excellent show! Humour, horror, and a great storyteller! Loved the music! Thank you for bringing this to us!

Wonderful and beautifully done! These tales weave their way through the years changing fitting new situations. The music is well chosen to complement the stories.

Fantastic show, thank-you !

Most gruesomely enjoyable, thrilling!

Terrific and of special interest for persons with a German connection. Thanks for bringing something so substantial and enjoyable to Wakefield.

Loved the singing in German. Enjoyed the story of the Grimms Brothers; liked the selection of stories chosen.

What talent! A wonderful, entertaining way to spend a winter’s evening.

Absolutely fantastic! Truly captivating!

Really good! I liked having the history about the Brothers in between the stories. The music was beautiful.

The three performances were tremendously enjoyable, and the tour was a rewarding experience. It allowed us, as artists, to perform in professional theatre venues where we had not performed before, and exposed us to new audiences, many of whom were new to watching storytelling-based performance. Thanks to 2 women productions for producing the tour.

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