Saturday 24 March 2012

World Storytelling Day is over. Now what? Here's a suggestion! #wsd2012

There has been a bit of chatter on the World Storytelling Day listserv about WSD events that took place across the globe. It is always great to hear these little stories, but I, greedy story-lover, always want more.

I love the idea of World Storytelling Day, knowing that all over the globe storytellers and listeners are sharing tales, united by a love of the oral tradition. But I always want to know more about what happened, and some years it seems we get so wrapped up in the planning of our events that by the time the day is over, we don't think of sharing tales of our experiences.

So, I'll make it easy for all of you. I KNOW some of you took photographs, and many of you made posters for your events. We'd all love to see them. You have a couple options, but I'll put two of the easiest forward.

1. Post your photos/posters on the WSD website photo gallery.
Sign in (you'll need to register if you aren't a member, but don't worry, it is free) and post your pics there.

2. Post your photos/posters on the WSD Facebook page:

I look forward to seeing your images!

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