Tuesday 2 May 2017

Looking for info on stone cairns and "American Men" in Conception Bay. #amwriting

I've blogged a little bit before about "American Men" - stone cairns or markers like the ones at Spectacle Head, Cupids, and at Spider Pond, Spaniard's Bay.  Today, I was up to the top of the ridge on the southside of Harbour Grace, to look at a more recent stone cairn, erected by the appropriately named Stone family.

I've also come across something of a mystery.  I found an article in The Trident newsletter, published by the Newfoundland Historic Trust in February 1974. The article features a very rough map that shows an "American Man" somewhere between Spaniard's Bay and Harbour Grace.

Dos anyone know of an American Man somewhere in the Bishops Cove-Upper Island Cove-Bryant's Cove area?

Or is it possibly an error on the part of the map-maker who has placed the Cupids American Man in the wrong place?

Or, even better, do you know of other cairns or markers in that section of Conception Bay that I'm missing? Let me know! Email me at dale@dalejarvis.ca 

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