Saturday 20 October 2012

External frame backpacks wanted for my next BIG mummer project

Those of you who know me are aware I don't sit still for very long, often rolling one project right into the next one without stop. Someone posted a link recently to Austin Kleon's short video on the subject, which likens this approach to chain smoking. To extend that analogy onwards, I have a serious pack-a-day project habit.

And occasionally, I need someone to enable my addictions.

One of the projects I'm going to be exploring over the next couple months is making giant puppets. I'm gathering together a crack team of artists, bohemians and fans of the carnivalesque to make a few BIG mummer puppets for this year's Mummers Parade (coming up December 15th, 2012).

To do that, we need some old external frame backpacks, the cheap old kind that you often see at yard sales and in corners of people's basements (see photo above). The pack itself doesn't even matter, we will be cutting those away. What we need are the aluminum frames and harnesses. So if you have a worn-out old backpack that you aren't using anymore, I'm sure we can adapt it into something fantastic for the Mummers Festival.

If you have one you are willing to donate to a new, creative, loving, slightly obsessive home, you can email me at

And if you have expertise or interest in building some giant mummer puppets, let me know!

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