Thursday 17 October 2013

Welcome to Scotland, here is your haggis. #SISF13

I'm here in Edinburgh for the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, and though I've been in Scotland less than 12 hours, I've already eaten my half my weight in haggis.

One of my Canadian storytelling friends, Kathy Jessup, is here for the festival as well, and after I had a short nap (not having slept since Tuesday night) we met up for dinner and sharing stories.

"Are you up for haggis nachos?" I asked her.

If there is one thing I know about Kathy, she is always up for an adventure.

"Oh- absolutely," she said,  "I'm your girl for that one...just to get a story if nothing else!"

Well, off we went to the Arcade Whisky and Haggis House. And while we didn't order the haggis nachos (they ARE on the menu), we did have the haggis, even Kathy, who apparently has a deathly fear of turnips. I think she was clubbed with one as a child - it would explain so much...

I opted for the "Robert Burn’s Famous Haggis" - a three layer concoction with mashed turnip, potatoes, and the vegetarian's nightmare, haggis. With whisky sauce, naturally. Amazing.

Kathy, her highness,  had the Princess Diana Style Haggis with the cream, onion, tomato and Drambuie sauce. And because I have a hollow leg (and having refused to pick up my cholesterol test results before leaving St. John's) I also had the sticky toffee pudding.

And now, to sleep, perchance to dream of the wild haggis, running free. Tomorrow, the storytelling festival starts in earnest. I should have recovered by then.

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