Thursday 31 August 2023

Explore The Fairy Path, with storyteller Dale Jarvis

Along Mount Scio Road, the fairies can still be found. But would you really want to meet them? 

Join folklorist and storyteller Dale Jarvis at twilight for an exploration of the darkly magical and at times eerie realms of the fairy folk. Then, set off by lamplight to find your own way home through the deepening shadows of the wooded paths of the Botanical Gardens. 

Be warned however! These fairies are the unpredictable, quick-to-anger, child-snatching fairies of legend. Put some bread in your pockets, bring a friend, and be careful which voices you follow into the forest... 

Presented by the St. John’s Haunted Hike and MUN Botanical Gardens

Approx. 60 minutes. This is an outdoor event, so dress for the weather, and wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots. Fairy lanterns will be provided, but feel free to bring your own flashlight.  Suitable for ages 10+

For tickets: 

Pirate Ghosts in Lolly Cove, Fortune Bay

A strange looking ship entered Lolly Cove, Fortune Bay, crewed by dark, foreign men. Locals watched as they marched to the outskirts of town. There, the men turned upon two of their crew, dispatching and burying them on the spot. 

With the grave filled in, they departed, and as they did so their ship vanished away. 

Afterwards, the townsfolk could not find the freshly dug grave, finding instead a slight depression in the earth, much grown over, untouched for centuries.

Sunday 6 August 2023

Buried treasure at Bay Roberts? A legend from Juggler's Cove

Local lore says Juggler’s Cove got its name because one would need the dexterity of a juggler to navigate the harbour. Rumours persist of a buried treasure that was excavated here by a man named Locke Thomas, one of the mysteries of Juggler’s Cove, the oldest settlement of Bay Roberts.