Storytelling performances

I follow the standard rates established by Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada, our national guild of storytellers. You can read more about that, and guidelines for festivals or schools wishing to hire a storyteller, here on the SC-CC website.

The rate for storytellers recommended by SC-CC is currently $250 per hour. This is based on me telling stories currently in my repertoire, including ghost stories, stories of the fairies and little people, tales of phantom ships and superstitions, and legends and traditional tales from Newfoundland, Labrador and beyond, and long-form folk and fairy tales, with a wide-ranging knowledge of local legends, tall tales, and myths. 

If the performance is outside of St. John’s, NL, organizers are responsible for covering travel, accommodation, and per diem costs. 

Payment is due on the day of the performance. If you require an invoice in advance, let me know before the performance.


Rate for a workshop 1-2 hours in length is $300. I currently offer workshops in:
  • Introductory Storytelling
  • Organizing and Running Storytelling Events and Festivals
  • Basics of Story Mapping for Educators and Instructors
  • Historical Storytelling
  • Working with Traditional Material (for moderate to advanced storytellers).

I also offer two half-day (or longer if needed) workshops:
  • “Storytelling Your Site” - an introduction to crafting storytelling-based guided tours for museums and historic places; and,
  • “Walk and Talk” - an introduction to creating community historical and storytelling-based outdoor walking tours.
Organizers are responsible for covering venue rental costs. If the workshop is outside of St. John’s, NL, organizers are responsible for covering travel, accommodation, and per diem costs.

If you wish a half-day or longer workshop, contact me directly for details and pricing. If you have an idea for a workshop, keynote, conference, or storytelling retreat, or would like to hire me to develop a bespoke storytelling project, let’s chat!

Dale Jarvis


“Dale's telling style was masterful-- confident on stage, with a strong, clear voice, thoughtfully placed gestures, rhetorical flourishes that harkened back to an earlier era, a playful attitude toward the audience, and a deferential one toward the story.”
      - Tim Ereneta, “Shout Out: Dale Jarvis, the Real Deal

“A teller of spine tingling tales that are so convincing, that even if you don't believe in ghosts... you soon will!”
     - Wayne Rostad, “On the Road Again.”

“It was a wonderful show. The Fort Edmonton staff were astounded. The theatre is new and they have never had a sell-out before. Everyone gave rave reviews. Thank you for weaving folklore, history and music into magic!”     - Anonymous review of the Edmonton, Alberta performance of “The Brothers Grimm: 200 Years and Counting”

“A particularly quick tongued Dale Jarvis… kept the sold out audience enthralled with legends, stories, and history.”
     - Review of 4th Stage, National Arts Centre performance, Ottawa StoryTellers Newsletter

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