Friday 30 March 2012

Time travellers rejoice! How to always know what your tea costs

I hate it when this happens:

You are taking your favourite lady companion out for tea, in say, 1870, where normal working-class quality tea is sold at 3s. 4d. per pound-weight. But having just rescued her from a top secret research facility in 1973, and, to be honest, finding yourself a little short on funds, you are uncertain if that is truly a good deal on CTC grade Orange Pekoe. What to do?

Have no fear! Now with the Time Traveller's Investment Calculator, available online and on the app store, you can find out with a few clicks that you are spending the 1973 equivalent of £1.32. That's a steal compared to the £12.40 it would cost you today.

Biscuit, Sarah Jane?

(And the teapot can be yours, on etsy, if you click fast.)

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